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Software Engineer - Embedded Accepting Candidate

Location: Nevada Country: United States
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Job Description

The embedded software/ firmware engineer is responsible for bios and board bring up. 
Essential Functions Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

* Responsible for the focus on BIOS and board bring up, Linux device drivers and microcontroller firmware, customize boot-loader and Linux operating system for embedded platforms;
* Responsible for the coordinating and prioritizing application modifications and bug fixes
* Responsible for working with the customer support team to troubleshoot and resolve production issues
* Responsible for the support, maintenance and documentation of software functionality
* Responsible for contributing to the development of internal tools to streamline the engineering and build and release processes
* Responsible for the production of functional specifications and design documents


* Bachelor’s degree in Electrical or Computer Science Engineering
* 3+ years of work experience in Embedded Linux
* Fluency in c programming required
* Experience with new/untested hardware board bring-up required
* Demonstrated ability to read hardware schematics and use lab instruments such as oscilloscopes, multimeters and jtag probes to resolve problems required
* Must be knowledgeable in low-level board-support software/hardware interfacing for ddr3 memory, local bus timings, ethernet phys, nor/nand flash, i2c/spi, and others.
* Experience with diverse cpu types such as powerpc/powerquicc/qoriq, arm, mips, and x86 preferred
* Competency with creating engineering and user documentation expected
* Ability to work in a fast past environment with multiple concurrent projects expected
* Excellent problem solving and debugging skills

* Ability to handle job stress and interact effectively with others in the workplace
* Fluent domain of the English language: ability to read, write and speak English well and ability to carry out detailed written and oral instructions

Required Competencies 
* Technical Capacity 
* Confidentiality 
* High ethical conduct 
* Organizational skills 
* Communication Proficiency: oral and written 
* Ability to multitask while producing quality output 
* Ability to work independently 
* Independent judgement 
* Collaboration 
* Teamwork Orientation 
* Project Management 

* Health Benefits:
  • Status:
    Accepting Candidate
  • Skills

    Embedded Linux: 3 years

    C: 3 years

    DDR3: 0